FBIFreie Berliner Ischen
Free Berlin Ishes) 1994 - 1997

"Berlin needs more good film events!!" that's what we (Ramona Welsh, Pamela Homann + me) thought in autumn 1994, founded the filmmakers collective FBI, found an ideal place (the catacombs of the "Aktionsgalerie" in Berlin-Mitte/center) and from October 1994 we presented Super 8 film evenings monthly with different themes like for example: "Fish + Ships" + "Number films" + "Italo" + "Gods & Goddesses" etc.) – own films, found films, films of friends, invited special guests, surprises like something to eat fitting into the theme of the evening, cool performances and much more.

These times were enormously creative. Almost every month each of us made a new film for the new theme (which we announced in advance), sometimes we even got one from the audience!

We loved the audience and they loved us!

1997 we waved bye-bye on a great final party, but each one of us continues somehow...

Pamela + Ramona + me
Detlef Kuhlbrodt about us in the taz (sorry, german...)
Ilses Erika in Leipzig about us (german too)
Pamela baking Super 8 cookies... or 35 mm...