1962 born (in the middle of West Germany)

1964 become tinker girl

1966 become seeker

1976 first perm

1978 discovered the joy of experimental photography

1982 au pair girl in Nice

1986 moved to Berlin

1988 discovered the passion of super 8

1989 foundation of "The Jochen" (mean Filmfestfanzine and later Comic editors)

1991 finished studies at the university of the arts ("master visual communication / experimental film")

1994 foundation of FBI - Free Berlin Ishes (film collective with Ramona Welsh and Pamela Homann - regular super 8 film shows in Berlin and elsewhere for about 4 years)

To make my living from 1990 till 2020: working as a graphic designer in various newspapers and magazines (taz, Zweite Hand, Zitty, Tagesspiegel)

From 2021: free: Just art.

To multiply analog knowledge from 2008 till now: giving workshops in Germany and abroad, see also

since then, today and tomorrow: making films, developing films, showing films...