How I spend my time this winter ...

>>>>> My new film is ready to watch! Short and funny! It's called Stein! Berg! Kirche! / Stone! Mountain! Church!

>>>>> Sai parlare italiano? Allora leggi questo! About me, my films, my exhibition … and an interview!


>>>>>An 11 minutes interview with me on Deutsche Welle TV! With English subtitles.

>>>>> I made, printed and published my first
comic book! Only 40 copies… 32 already sold…
The Mooroozipoo Fetish!!!!! Look at its page.
all my films are on:
>>>>> I am on Patreon now!!! It's like crowdfunding,
only monthly. You can support me from 3 € / $ / £
and you get crazy rewards!!!


Other Websites:
My workshops. About Super 8 and beauty in banality. Handprocessing. Eco processing. Worldwide!   My blog.
Mainly photos!
  All my Developing-Recipes!!!! Free! Online! Tested!   A collection of my
pinhole photos
A new project!!   All my films on vimeo. Without password.   All my films on youtube. Without password.  

I try to finance my artist life somehow. I am on Patreon now!


Another youtube channel! This one has lots of tutorials!

My city game. An experiment, replayable, worldwide. Film documentation from Berlin, Toronto, Kassel, Los Angeles, Paris.

Calexico Next Exit

My (and Khani's) feature film which landed in the drawer. About love for music and travelling.
Here on Vimeo!!

June is my favourite month.
I want to hold it, so I film it: a little piece each day!
11 June films until now!!
Each film is about 16 - 22 minutes long!







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