The Mooroozipoo Fetish – a Comic book!  

1998/2020 • 138 pages • b/w, color cover • 148 × 210 mm • bilingual • extremely funny

22 years ago I drew a comic book for my brother's birthday - a lot of writing, a few drawings - a completely crazy, non-linear, fantasy-phunky, funny traveling, super-humored, deeply beautiful story about Bero the Brave, La Dague the dream sister, Hoose, Soose, Koose and the friendly alphabet geese, the deadly Judgemachine with the shitty hairstyle, the up & down train, a talking jersey ... and lots of bizarre twists and turns and tricky ways.

The book is now printed! It is 148 × 210 mm in size and has 138 pages (b/w) plus cover (color). And the highlight: from the front it is German, from the back English!

I am selling it for 25 $ / 20 € / 20 £ (plus postage) - just send me an email to

There is a little introductory film here on Youtube!