wHow I spend my time this autumn ...
>>>>> This is how it looks when I set up a pinhole camera! Click on the picture and watch a little movie!!   >>>>> I finished my new film: Heugeruch
>>>>> An 11 minutes interview with me on Deutsche Welle TV! With English subtitles. >>>>> I finished my new film: Siehste / You See!
all my films are on:
>>>>> New Website, all about my June film project!
>>>>> I have a new Pinhole Photograohy Site!

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wabisabisuper8.de 24stelsekunde.de   yumyumsoups.wordpress.com   ambassadorsofcoincidence.com Ode To June films 1-5   lablog.dagiebrundert.de   Calexico Next Exit  
My workshops. About Super 8 and beauty in banality. Handprocessing. Worldwide!
Next workshop: October 2015 in Switzerland!
  My pictures. I scan single Super 8 frames, blow them up, print and mount them… and sell them!   All my Developing-Recipes!!!! Free! Online! Tested!   My city game. An experiment, replayable, worldwide. Film documentation from Berlin, Toronto, Kassel, Los Angeles, Paris. June is my favourite month. I want to hold it, so I film it: a little piece each day!
So far: 2008, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, each film about 15 - 30 minutes long!
  My blog.
Mainly photos!
  My (and Khani's) feature film which landed in the drawer. About love for music and travelling.  
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*** My Film "Katzenlotto" is part of the 7º MUESTRA DE CINE SUPER 8 Y 16 MM in San Roque, España, end of October.

*** and in November my two films "Katzenlotto" and "Wie ich einmal nicht durch ein Wurmloch kam / How I Once Did Not Come through a Wormhole" will be part of the 35th Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival and I will be there, too!



***some older films that I took away from this site, but still there:

New Years greetings:

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Pelle the Dog at the ocean (He died recently. Farewell, old dog friend) 1/2 MB

Hiddensee letzter Sommertag 2 MB

Dagie lernt Ukulele 2 MB

Dolores Pork 1,7 MB

Life can be so easy: How to open a beer bottle in America

Angeln mit Bruder Bernd und Neffe David 4,9 MB

Feuer für 2005! 650 kB

Möbel-Olfe 2,3 MB

antennas up 2004 980 kB

Mein Balkon im Herbst 600 kB




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