Die Selbstheilung meines Fahrrades
(The Self-Healing of my Bike)

2008 • 3.30 mins • b/w and color • Super 8

Recently, something strange happened: I wanted to ride my bicycle but nothing worked. The gears tilted completely, the chain went only backwards, nothing functioned, I was completely annoyed and walked.

A day later I checked my bike again. It was X-Mas and as if nothing has happened everything worked a treat again. The gears communicated with the chain, the chain was like freshly oiled, I could readjust the gears, it was like new born, on X-Mas! Awesome, I could ride my bike again!

And I thought to myself: what’s that? Has Jesus slipped into my bike or what? Cool, I got on and rode off. And I started to think about matter and non-matter because actually matter does not exist at all, basically it is all just spirit and rhythm and melody and communication.. So now communication has started to work again. Anyway communication is the most important thing in the world! Somehow the vibes entered my bike and my bike healed itself. […]

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