3 Freunde, 3 Kerzen, 1 mickriges Feuerwerk –
hallo 2008! (3 friends, 3 candles, 1 mingy fireworks – hello 2008!)

2008 • 1.36 mins • b/w • Super 8


We are 3 friends and we put 3 candles on our heads and ran across the village green on New Years Eve.

This village has been almost empty for many years and I'm sure no one has stepped on this meadow for long.

We built paths, we met and drifted apart.


This is an ancient tradition, best done between the years.
It has nothing to do with Father, Son and Holy Ghost but with Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow.
We connected them.
The lights remained lit, that's a good sign!

Best wishes, your Dagie!

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