Ode an Juni 1        

2008 • 32 min • Couleur • Super 8

I have decided something. Every year I wait 11 months for my very beloved month – June. And once it's here it's gone. I want to hold fast to it.

So this year I decided to install a kind of grab and hold mode! In terms of film of course. I will prove every day that June exists. I will take every day as a single day and join them all together as a kind of homage.

Today is the 1st of June, it's summer, it's 30 degrees C, it's tropical in Berlin.
The swallows fly high above me singing. I do nothing except reading a book, eating ice cream, eating asparagus, drinking coffee, and now it's time for a beer!

29 more days to go!

[A very warm and personal film about one month living in the summer in the city of Berlin. Portrait of life, portrait of city, portrait of everyday beauty, motion, and banality. Every day (30 altogether) a little piece, spontaneously shot.]

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