Gésine et Dagie vont en bateau

2011 • 2.22 min • Super 8


You thought Kodachrome is dead?
No way!
This here is one of the last rolls of Kodachrome super 8. Impossible to color process it, but why not black and white negative, I thought.
So I did it and this is what came out. Isn't it beautiful with the unexpected yellowish layer?

I love to transfer plain things into hippiesque magic, shift perspectives and try something fresh. Jumped into a boat and drifted along a canal with my friend Gesine ... one of the last days of this summer.
A feeling of trance, beauté et nature sauvage et dorée, negative et positive aussi.

Like the two actresses of that Jacques Rivette film Céline et Julie vont en bateau who sucked candies and drifted into another universe, oh how I loved that film and I think it influenced me a fucking lot and pushed me in my weird direction of film making. Merci!


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