2 Cowboys Smoking

2011 • 1.26 min • Super 8


I'm night guard all alone tonight,
Dead homesick, lonely, tired and blue;
And none but you can make it right;
My heart is hungry, Girl, for you.

I've longed all night to hug you, Dear;
To speak my love I'm at a loss.
But just as soon as daylight's here
I'm goin' straight to see the boss.

"How long's the round-up goin' to run?
Another week, or maybe three?
Give me my time, then, I am done.
No, I'm not sick. Three weeks? Oh gee!"

I know, though, when I've had enough.
I will not work,--darned if I will.
I'm goin' to quit, and that's no bluff.
Say, gimme some tobacco, Bill.

Sure, Jim.
But ...... what kinda weird bannister we got above our hats?

Hmmm ... dunno ...


(Merci beaucoup Michael & Mike McClure, Austin, Texas pour vos voix!)


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