Big in Hongkong:
CREAM art magazine November 2002

In some of my films (as in "Touch the red nothing / The highest Mirror on earth") I am a storyteller. I was lucky to have the camera along with me travelling, walking around, and just by chance I discovered something astonishing that just had to be filmed and being shown to the world! I'm a visual woman, I try to absorb weird, interesting, tiny beautiful things out of this world

My films are rarely longer than 3 or 5 minutes. Mostly all of them I develop myself, and then, watching the fresh stripe for the first time, exposing it to the light, I just know whether it will be a good one or not. If it makes me smile it's good. I have no problems cutting parts off and throwing them away. I have seen so many short films in my life which were far too long, they just don't hold through, it's an art to stop in time.

If there's only one person who gets a sparkle into his/her heart watching one of my films, then I'm satisfied. I can't change the world, but I can put beauty into the hearts. That's it!!

It's quite important to be independent. No one gives me money and no one tells me what to do. I don't want to please anyone, I just have to pour out my heart. I believe that only in this feeling of freedom the ideas feel free to fall out of the sky into my mind!“