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Kodachrome K40
This amazing warm-colored film started an era in the early sixties: a three minute film in a cassette – super 8 was born. It was processed in Kodak labs all over the world up until a few years ago.
Kodak's original recipe is not a secret but quite complicated: 13 baths!

I can develop it black & white negative (developer: Adonal). The results are more or less contrasty depending on age and storage of the film. You can have the film inverted while digitizing. I don't do it myself, but I can recommend the Screenshot people in Berlin.

Costs: 30 €
(+ 19% tax = 35,70 € in Germany. Rest of the world no tax. Plus postage. Payment via PayPal)
If you have more than 1 cassette I can offer you discount of course. Send me an email!

New: Black-and-white positive? It is now possible! I have good experiences with A71 (old DDR repro developer) and potassium permanganate bleach. The process is much more complex and toxic though, so I'll take 45 € per cassette!

Attention: my processing service takes a break! Until mid November!! Please refer to Frank Bruinsma in Rotterdam >>>

Color reversal film
Many old color reversal (positive) films are no longer developed by film laboratories, as they like to mess up the developer (color layers peeling off, smeary remjet protective layer), and a good result can not be guaranteed.

I develop old Agfa-Moviechrome films and Kodak Ektachrome. As well as ORWO. Using E6 (= color reversal method).

The Agfa-Movie Chrome films in their blue and white boxes lead to the best results: light pastel colors, azure blueish and the black is more or less green. The reason is that the embedded film color coupler weaken after 20, 30 years. The Ektachromes and ORWOs might become, depending on their age, pastel or, at worst, very light and low in contrast, up to completely transparent. E6 chemistry needs 38°. ORWO was previously developed at 27°, while warmer temperatures lead to detachment of the layer. I made good experiences at 30° temperature.

I develop color films only if I have at least 4 pieces. The chemistry is expensive, but it is enough for about 10 super 8 films and it stays fresh for a couple of weeks.

Costs: 36 € (+ 19% tax = 42,84 € in Germany. Rest of the world no tax. Payment via PayPal)
If you have more than 1 cassette I can offer you discount of course. Send me an email!


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    I highly recommend these digitizer guys in Berlin:
Reels are getting rare ... I have to charge you now for them :-(
I wrap the finished film on a small
15 m reel – 1 Euro.
2 films on the one for 3€, 4 on the 5 €, 8 on the one for 8 €!